Region B Premier Division 2015-2016 

COST:  $100 per team

To the best of our knowledge FYSA is still requiring THREE (3) matches played in an FYSA sanctioned league to qualify for Commissioner/Presidents/State Cup.  We ran the schedule for 6 matches (if the number of teams in a bracket supported it) so the teams that want to play more than the required 3 games have the ability.

The dates published are just there as placeholders.  The teams can play on those dates or agree on any dates they want.  The idea of this league is to allow the teams to get in qualifying matches and they set up when they want to play based on team schedules and not try to fit into a structured league.

The process: 

  • From the schedule the designated home team will email me, Mike Goodman at, the game number, date, field number and location and time of the match, and I will update got soccer with the information.  
  • Once the match is completed the designated HOME team will enter the score into Got Soccer using the following:
  • Game card will be emailed to me at

We recommend using the ref pay scale from the Region B league so all locations will be consistent and teams can budget their expenses.  Home team pays the center ref and the visiting team pays the AR’s.

The host location is responsible for assigning referees for the matches

Ref fees for the Premier League of North Florida

Age Group  Center Ref   Each AR
11U-12U           55              27
13U-15U           60              30

16U-17U           65              33​
18U-19U           70              35


We recommend playing the required 3 matches by Feb 1st to ensure compliance with FYSA rules for qualification and the start of Presidents Cup.